NoVirusThanks File Governor

Delete those files that Windows won't let you delete


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NoVirusThanks File Governor is an application that can delete those files that hide in your system, and Windows doesn't let you delete because they are supposedly open or because another program is using them.

If you haven't actually opened them and they are working without permissions, or if you simply don't know which program is using them, you can use this application to get rid of them. You can use NoVirusThanks File Governor to close these processes safely, and delete them for good.

This software is also very useful to delete files that attract malware, integrating this feature in Window's context menu so you don't even have to do it through the application.

NoVirusThanks File Governor is really easy to use thanks to its intuitive interface, so you won't find any trouble using it. You just have to open the program, choose the file you want to delete, click on Scan files, or Kill process.
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